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King George Memorial Hall, 2655 Stratford Road, Hockley Heath, Solihull, B94 5NH                   Registered Charity Number: 522934 
Chairty Commission King George Memorial Hall
The King George Memorial Hall was built in 1892 by George Frederick Muntz and was then known as the Institute, it was and still is, the hub of the Village. In 1952 Mr Walter Higgs purchased the Hall and gifted it to those living within a 2 mile radius of the Hall. It was immediately registered with the Charity Commission, renamed the King George Memorial Hall and is run by a group of Trustees. The Trustees are made up from people nominated by the “user groups” plus 4 co-opted members. The co-opted members are people who the Trustees feel have something to offer the charity, if you are interested in becoming a co-opted member please contact the Hall for more information. Currently, part of the building is leased to Hockley Heath Social Club with the main Hall retained for the Village where many social, education and health activities take place. The income received by the Hall is used to repair and refurbish the Hall plus support local groups and Charities.
FUND RAISING   Not only does the Hall raise money to support itself but it also helps many other local groups and causes. If you would like to raise some money or run a group in the Hall please contact us using the form on the home page In March 2015 the Hall had a defibrillator installed on the outside of the building so that the entire Village would have access to it. This life saving machine was purchased after fund raising efforts and donations from The Hall, Hockley Heath Fete Association, St Thomas Church and Certas Energy. The Hall, along with First Response, now hold regular free training sessions on how to use the defibrillator, for residents and people who work  in the village. The Hall welcomes enquires from Charities who wish to raise money for their cause. We offer the Hall at generously discounted rates for fund raising events.
Walter Higgs King George Memorial Hall
Mr Walter Higgs
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